Artistic Groups

Καλλιτεχνικές Ομάδες

Theatre Group

The University of Thessaly Theatre Group gives the opportunity to students to become acquainted with the art of theatre, work in teams and discover their expressive skills through theatre play and improvisation. The group is exposed to the art of theatre through activities and games, and the participants are encouraged to exercise their body, their voice and speech as expressive tools. The group chooses one play and starts researching about it. Usually, a play is performed for the Christmas celebration of the University of Thessaly and
another one is presented to the public in the summer.

The team works collectively and experimentally, under the supervision of the director/theatre educator. Improvisation is highly encouraged as part of the preparation for the final show. The show is presented to the university community and the public as well (participation to the 14 th Universiade of Serres, visit and presentation to the Correction Facilities of Kassaveteia, shows on various venues in the city). At the same time, the theatre group organizes visits, usually with an educative goal (eg. recognizing and coping with emotions – Romani Support Center) or with social and entertaining goals in various venues such as schools, orphanages, education-training seminars, etc.

Reponsible Person

Maria Karazanou,
Instructor of Theatre Education
Εmail: mgkarazanou [at] gmail [dot] com