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Πολιτιστικές Ομάδες

Music Ensembles of the University of Thessaly

The University of Thessaly Music Ensembles (Vocal Expression and Instrument Ensemble Group) were founded in order to introduce students to music instruction through an experiential approach to music (concerts, publications and cultural exchanges).

These musical inquiries rely on the collective action and function as a bridge of communication with bodies and institutions of the city and with education bodies in Greece and abroad.

Various music kinds are part of the presentations and bring together students from different Departments of the University of Thessaly.

Mrs. Maria Thoidou, performer, songwriter and Specialized Scientific Staff of the University of Thessaly, is the artistic supervisor of the University of Thessaly Music Ensembles, responsible for the vocal training and musical encouragement.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Maria Thoidou and through the collaboration with distinguished musicians, four CDs have been produced, sponsored by the University of Thessaly and the University of Thessaly Property Management and Development Company.

The Music Ensembles have also performed in Germany (Berlin, Braunschweig), Cyprus (Nicosia) as well as in various cities in Greece, such as Thessaloniki, Athens, Xanthi, Larissa, etc. (Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Benaki Museum, ERT Studio C, Xanthi Festival, Music Village, Horto Festival, Paou Festival, etc.).

They have also collaborated with various educational and social bodies, such as the Juvenile Correctional Facilities of Volos, the Home for the Elderly of Volos, the Kassaveti Correctional Facilities, the Second Chance School of the Larissa Correctional Facilities, the 5 th High School of Volos, the Orphanage of Volos, the Local Community of Aghios Lavrentios, the dance group Puerto del Tango, the ERT radio station of Volos, the Estoudiantina orchestra of the Youth of Volos, etc. 

They have also collaborated with the Municipality of Volos, the University of Macedonia (Department of Music Science and Art), the Anapolous Publications, the University of Cyprus, the Rotary club Braunschweig and the Katharineums Braunschweig Junior High School.
Within the context of the organized events and seminars, students and citizens of the city of Volos have met various distinguished artists and intellectuals. 

For the last three years, members of the University of Thessaly Music Ensembles volunteer to the University of Thessaly Paou Festival ( 

If you are interested in getting to know music through communication and improvisation, vocal expression and movement, if music is a way of life, then the Music Ensembles might be just right for you.

The Music Ensembles are involved in organizing music events, producing CDs, participating in festivals, collaborating with various bodies in the city, with universities, music shows and music groups and approaching different kinds of music through seminars with distinguished musicians.


Vocal training, encouragement, coordination of events

Maria Thoidou
Specialized Scientific Staff of the University of Thessaly
Email: maria [at] music-village [dot] gr



University of Thessaly Choir

The University of Thessaly Choir was founded in 2015 aiming at promoting and familiarizing music diversity through different kinds of music. 

The Choir has a variety of activities both in the university and in the wider community, participating and collaborating with various choir festivals, shows and concerts.

Mr. Nikolaos Chiotoglou, Certified Conductor, is the artistic director and instructor of the University of Thessaly Choir. 

Since its founding, the University of Thessaly Choir has participated in over 40 events.

There will be more events in the future, some of them taking place in highly regarded venues, such as the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Auditions to join the University of Thessaly Choir are still being held and you can be informed about them on the following links:

Nikos Chiotoglou,
Artistic Director of the University of Thessaly Choir

nchiotoglou [at] uth [dot] gr ()

chorodia [at] uth [dot] gr ()