Physical Education Office

Γραφείο Φυσικής Αγωγής

The Physical Education Office of the University of Thessaly (PEO) is staffed by Ioannis Kafentarakis, Panagiotis Keramidas, and Artemis Pappa, all members of the Special Teaching Staff of physical education.

The PEO aspires to improve student fitness, to promote team spirit through student participation in university sports teams and to encourage healthy competition. The university sports teams take part in interdepartmental tournaments and/or athletic events for university students in Greece and abroad. Moreover, there are departments for University of Thessaly staff, aiming to improve and preserve a good physical condition.

The PEO systematically and methodically works for the undisrupted participation of students to academic sportsmanship, as well as the upgrading of the latter. The goals that have been set are served by a series of initiatives, such as:

  • the initiation to and participation of students and staff in sports that meet their individual needs and athletic goals.
  • the design of fitness regimes according to individual needs
  • the organization of internal tournaments

The participation of students of the University of Thessaly as a member of the Higher Education Sports Committee (Greek: E.A.T.E.) in interuniversity tournaments in Greece or Europe (EUSA-FISU)

You can find more information on the program of athletic events inn Larissa here: