Physical Education Office

Physical Education Office

The Physical Education Office of the University of Thessaly is comprised of the Physical Education Special Teaching Staff, Mr. Kafentarakis Ioannis, Mr. Keramidas Panagiotis and Mrs. Pappa Artemis.

The Physical Education Office aims to improve the students’ fitness, their sense of team spirit through the participation in university sports teams, and to promote fair play. The university sports teams take part in interdepartmental championships and in student sports events in Greece and abroad. There are also classes for the University of Thessaly employees aiming to maintain and improve their physical condition.

The activities of the Physical Education Office started in 1989, with about 120 students from the Department of Primary Education and the Department of Early Childhood Education. Today, the Physical Education Office is addressed to all members of the academic community.

The Physical Education Office works methodically for the seamless participation of students in university sports and their upgrade. This can be achieved by:

  • Students and university employees meeting and participating in sports
  • according to their personal needs and sports goals,
  • Training in sports programs, depending on the participants’ needs,
  • organizing internal championships,
  • University of Thessaly students participating in the Higher Education Sports Committee, in intercollegiate championships both in Greece and abroad (EUSA – FISU).