Paou Festival

Paou Festival

Musical explorations overlooking the sky and the sea

Searching for deeper communication and wider view… M.T.

The Paou Festival of the University of Thessaly ( started in the summer of 2016 and has been organized annually ever since. Its vision is to shape and establish a unique artistic presence in terms of the University’s cultural function.

The Paou Festival is organized by the University of Thessaly with the support of the Rectorate, in collaboration with the Research Committee and the Committee for the Utilization and Management of the University Property, under the artistic direction of Maria Thoidou, in charge of the University of Thessaly’s Musical Ensembles, member of the Special Teaching Staff of the University and with volunteers from members and collaborators of the University of Thessaly Musical Ensembles.

The Paou Festival is hosted at the Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Thessaly at the Old Paou Monastery, in the village of Argalasti, Pelion. (

It has collaborated with a multitude of exceptional, renowned musicians from Greece and abroad and its communications are supported by the state radio and television (ERT). Since 2020, the Paou Festival has been included in the register of cultural institutions of the Ministry of Culture.


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