Our alumni constitute a particularly important branch of the academic community.

The central mission of the Alumni Office of the University of Thessaly is to cultivate solidarity between our University and its graduates, to contribute to the development of its members and to highlight and promote the work and the identity of the University of Thessaly in Greece and abroad.

The members of the alumni community of the University of Thessaly, by keeping in touch with the University, the academic community, their old colleagues and friends, but also getting in touch with other UTH alumni, have the opportunity to:

  • Exchange knowledge and information on professional and academic matters
  • Promote their work and highlight the principles of solidarity, creativity and innovative offer
  • Offer guidance and useful information to other alumni
  • Maintain contact with former colleagues and friends, as well as other alumni of the University of Thessaly
  • Participate in volunteering projects and support the action of both the University of Thessaly and the alumni community.