At the University of Thessaly, the third largest higher education institute in Greece, we consider the continuous development of research and innovation as our key priority. It is our firm conviction that the Public University's most invaluable asset are its people and we wish to offer the best possible framework for the development of research initiatives by professors and their research teams, as well as the rest of the staff, researchers, visiting professors, PhD candidates. Our research focus is centered on the individual, understanding the complicated world we live in, the environment, sustainable mobility, a healthy and stable economy and labor, our cities and the contemporary cultural identity of our societies.

A vital condition for a thriving research environment is the existence of supporting structures for researchers in all stages and functions of their research, within a labyrinthine managing framework, regulatory compliance, and promotion and projection of their results. The University’s services and units, along with its valuable staff, work in this direction and this effort has produced tangible results.

It goes without saying that the University's Strategic Planning, the alliances formed with organizations and institutions of the Society of Citizens, the opportunities for funding from the state and the EU provide constant feedback to the research environment. We are proud that our University boasts high rates of absorption of research programs and original research endeavors.

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