Frequently Asked Questions

     The University of Thessaly offers its first-year students online services in order to facilitate their interaction with the University.      
     For direct activation and use of basic online services, first-year students can follow this brief guide.


Basic Information

UTH Institutional Account

Upon registration, every first-year student automatically obtains his/her personal Institutional Account for access to online services, which remains active for the duration of their studies. The Institutional Account is comprised of a username and password.

To activate your Institutional Account, you will have to visit the Password Recovery page where you will submit the username and recovery passcode you were given and a password of your choice, twice.

ATTENTION: The recovery passcode you have been given is for one use only and it will be automatically deactivated after you have finished the account activation process.

Basic Information
Email Account

Upon registration, every first-year student automatically obtains a personal email address. No further action is required on the part of the students for them to acquire a UTH email account.

Their personal email address is of the form username , the username being the same as each student’s Institutional Account.

Users can sign in through their Institutional Account.

For webpage access to your mailbox you can use the Webmail service (Webmail instructions).

You can find more information on how to use our email services in the relevant guide entitled Email Account.

Basic Information
Academic ID

To obtain an Academic ID, which also serves as a Reduced Fare Voucher, visit the following link:

Basic Information
Accessing the UTH's network

In order to access some of the university's online services (e.g. the E-registrar, the Library Databases) from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it is necessary to:

Basic Information

Through the E-registrar service you can remotely apply for courses, see your grades and more.

ATTENTION: To access the e-registrar from your personal device when you are off campus you need to use a VPN (VPN instructions).

Sign in to the E-registrar service. Access to the e-registrar is possible through the user's Institutional Account.

Furthermore, when you log on to the E-registrar service, you can be informed of your given GRN in the "Student Personal Information" section.

Basic Information

eClass remote learning platform is the integrated remote learning system of the University of Thessaly.

First-year students will need to visit the eClass website ( and register using their Institutional Account username and password.

ATTENTION: Before registering, it is recommended that you read the FAQ section.

After successful registration, it is possible to sign in to eClass through the user's Institutional Account.

Basic Information
MS Teams

The MS Teams platform is used for conducting and attending remote lectures.

To activate MS Teams, follow the relevant guide entitled Instructions for Connection to and Use of MS Teams.

Further information on how remote lectures are conducted can be found in the relevant guide entitled Remote Lectures.

Following the successful activation and configuration of the service, user sign-in is possible through the user's Institutional Account.

Basic Information
Student Welfare

Information on the benefits and online services of the Student Welfare office can be found in the section of Student Welfare units as well as in relevant announcements by services responsible at the central UTH website (

Basic Information
PROSVASI – The Accessibility Center for Students with Disabilities at the University of Thessaly

PROSVASI means access in Greek and acts as the accessibility centre of the University of Thessaly. The aim of PROSVASI is to enhance the academic, social and spatial access of students with disabilities at the University of Thessaly. PROSVASI offers multidimensional services, which primarily address the needs of students with disabilities, their volunteers, the academic and the administrative staff from every department of the University of Thessaly.

For more information, please visit PROSVASI’s website.

Basic Information
Sports and cultural activities

As members of the academic community of the University of Thessaly you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and cultural activities.

More information

Basic Information

For technical issues related to the information systems of the University of Thessaly you can send an email to the email address ithelp [at] (ithelp[at]uth[dot]gr)

Basic Information