Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Committee

Opera Aperta: μια παιδαγωγική επιτέλεση για ενηλίκους, ντοκιμαντέρ/βίντεο, Μαίρη Ζυγούρη, 2013

By decision of the Senate and in accordance with the law mandating the establishemtn of Gender Equality Committees in Universities, the first Gender Equality Committee (GEC) was created at the University of Thessaly.

Every GEC is an independent unit which belongs to its university with institutional responsibilities to do particular work according to legislative specifications. It constitutes a consulting institution of the Senate and Department and School Administrations with the aim to secure and promote equality and to combat any form of social discrimination in terms of learning, research, work and occupation. It aspires to enrich the academic community with stimuli of democratic sensitization and inclusion. The University of Thessaly GEC was established and elected its 3-member board in its first meeting on 22/6/2021.

Composition and operation of the GEC

The composition and operation of the committee is determined in accordance with article 33 of the Law 4589/2019 (FEK 13-vol.A/29-1-2019, Bills concerning Higher Education). The committee has 9 members and consists of six (6) professors, one (1) SLT or ST or STE member of staff, one (1) administrative employee and one (1) student. Its members serve for three years and are appointed following the Rector’s call for expression of interest. The candidacies are evaluated by a three-member committee appointed by the Senate, which compiles a ranking chart and submits it to the Senate. The Senate, during member selection, takes into consideration the work and the general contribution of candidates in the fields of gender equality, battling inequalities and discrimination, and dealing with social exclusion.

GEC responsibilities

  • It prepares action plans to promote and secure essential equality in teaching, research and administrative processes of the University and submits an annual exposition to the Senate.
  • Proposes measures for the promotion of equality and the abolition of sexism to relevant institutions
  • Provides information and training to members of the academic community in matters related to gender and equality.
  • Provides mediation services in cases of filed complaints against discriminatory or harassing behavior.
  • Promotes the administering of a post-graduate study program and the organization of seminars and lectures focusing on gender studies.
  • Assists the publication of research papers and studies related to its responsibilities
  • Provides assistance to discrimination victims when they file for discriminatory behavior

Email address: eif [at] (eif[at]uth[dot]gr)


Administrative Support: Sofia Saranti, sofiasaranti [at] (sofiasaranti[at]uth[dot]gr)

Members of the Committee

Elena Tzelepi, Assistant Professor


Eleni Andreou, Professor

Vice President

Iris Likourioti, Ascociate Professor

Vice President

Achilelas Anagnostopoulos, Special Teaching Staff

Efthymia Patta, administrative personnel

Pantelis Prombonas, PhD Candidate

Christina Rousi-Vergou, Assistant Professor

Evgenia Sifaki, Assistant Professor

Anna Chronaki, Professor