Quality Assurance Unit


The Quality Assurance Unit is the central body for the coordination and support of the quality assurance procedures of the University of Thessaly through the Internal Quality Assurance System. The Quality Assurance System of the University of Thessaly aims to develop a quality culture in the academic community to transmit knowledge through efficient teaching and produce a high level of know-how with innovative research. In the light of this point and aiming for excellence and the international and high-quality recognized research, scientists with doctoral degrees take the opportunity to conduct postdoctoral research in areas that fall within the university departments’ research interests and cognitive objectives.

Quality Assurance aims to evaluate and understand the University’s work to formulate substantiated suggestions for criteria, establish or improve institutions, and formulate directions and strategies for education and research quality improvement.

Quality Assurance Unit has as its mission the coordination of the system and the assistance to the Departments for the recording, understanding, and systematic evaluation of their work in the context of quality assurance and optimal efficiency. The main goal is the multifaceted strengthening of the Departments in achieving their mission in the context of their countenance and peculiarities.

More information concerning the Quality Assurance Unit of University of Thessaly can be found on the Unit's website https://qa.uth.gr