Accessibility statement

Accessibility Statement

The University of Thessaly is bound to maintain its own website accessible, according to the legal provisions 4727/2020 (184, A’) Chapter 8th – Digital Accessibility (articles 36-47), as it stands.

The current accessibility statement is applied on the website 

Statement of Compliance

Partial compliance

The sections of the forementioned website, which are contained in the site map, have been checked and it was found that they are partially consistent with the applicable criteria and the 2.1 web content accessibility standards, at AA level (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA).

Not accessible content

The content included in the website was not examined to its full extent in terms of its compliance, as this would entail a disproportionate burden. Therefore, single posts of the following types may not be accessible:

a.    News – Announcements, Events, Competition, Job Posting, Departmental Announcement, Boarding Menu

b.    Attached documents of various file formats.

Current Accessibility Statement Editing

The current statement was edited on 14/12/2023.

Procedure and monitoring actions

The self-assessment method as well as special tools for accessibility assessment were employed for the evaluation of website accessibility.

In specific, the following actions were included:
-    Scanning with Wave Web Accessibility tools (powered by WebAIM) 
-    Automatic detection and correction of possible accessibility problems with AChecker

Statement last revised on 14/12/2023.

Comment submission and contact details

In order for content accessibility to be enhanced, we kindly ask you to contact webmaster [at] (webmaster[at]uth[dot]gr), so that you inform us about any problems you may have encountered or ask for access to information or documents that may not be accessible.

Execution Procedure

In case you are not satisfied with our answer or if you wish to raise an accessibility issue that does not relate to the forementioned website, you can electronically submit your comments to ‘The Greek Ombudsman’ (