The University of Thessaly trains new scientists working in a more and more globalized environment of knowledge production. The internationalization strategy we follow serves this goal and includes all aspects of the University’s academic and research activity.

The internationalization of the University of Thessaly concerns our human resources, the development of our academic community, the creation of new study programs and research strategies, our European and international collaborations, our global reach and our philosophy for interconnection with the society. Internationalization characterizes all academic practices of the University and is based on the principles of osmosis, mutuality and pedagogical reinforcement of difference.

Our short-term goal is the reinforcement of the University’s international extroversion through the development of foreign language study programs, the attraction of foreign students, the recruitment of young scientists from an international background, the design and implementation of summer schools/seminars and intensive courses for foreign students.

Our strategy includes the development of stronger bonds of collaboration and exchange with highly respected academic institutions in Asia and the Middle East, North America and Australia.