The University of Thessaly volunteer group consists of students in the University’s Departments. Their number ranges from 35-70 people. The need to form such a group emerged in 2015 while organizing a conference at the Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE). Since then it has participated in 3 more conferences and various activities of the University of Thessaly, such as the celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the University of Thessaly, events organized by “TALOS”, the UTH’s Robotics team, and more.

The drive keeping this group alert is its members’ love of volunteering and this encourages them to realize great initiatives giving their best and with their warmest smile in order to meet any challenge that comes up. The composition of the team may sometimes change (since our students graduate) but the will, the eagerness and the smile stay the same.

This group was created by Katifenia-Angeliki Chatzopoulou (Laboratory Teaching Staff, ECE). Sevasti Theodosiou (PhD Candidate, ECE, secretary of Master’s Program, ECE) and Aspasia Mantziou (PhD Candidate, ECE) that support and coordinate every actions of the group.

The group is further coordinated by Angela Dinori (ECE student), David Moustakis (student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Evgenia Sinouli (ECE BA and MA graduate).


Katifenia-Angeliki Chatzopoulou
Laboratory Teaching Staff
Univeristy of Thessaly
Email address: kchatzop [at] uth.gr (kchatzop[at]uth[dot]gr)


Volunteer Testimonials

“The group has become a large group or friends/family”

“A cooperative team spirit that almost feels like family”

“We work together as a team to achieve our common goals”

“There is always organization and member communication is direct so that every unforeseen challenge is dealt with immediately!”

“There is a spirit of cooperation and energy with great will for volunteering!”

“I think that the greatest proof of how much of a good time we have is our desire to participate every single time and, as one volunteer has said: “Words are not enough to describe this group-gang of volunteers that has been formed. I have personally participated in four initiatives and I want to multiply that” were the words of a student”

“While I think that the most important thing is that through all these initiatives and projects we have the opportunity to bond with the university and truly feel like a part of it and not just individuals attending lectures. And it’s not just me, as a volunteer once wrote: “I can safely say that my participation in the University’s volunteer group is one of the ‘greatest’ and ‘most creative’ choices I have made in my four years as a student in the city of Volos. Every time a new event, conference, competition, etc. takes place in our university, I never hesitate to participate. I already know that these 2-3 days (or even a whole week) will be for me days filled, days when I feel the word ‘student’ as more than just a title, more than just a person studying something, somewhere. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“The volunteers responsible for the groups bonded with the kids! They were happy, excited, anxious about the results feeling one with the kids!”

“It was an experience that we definitely want to relive, without a moment’s hesitation!”

“The content of the competition, robotics, excited the curiosity of many volunteers and it encouraged them to investigate it further after the end of the event.”

“The structure and organization of the competition aroused the curiosity of those who weren’t familiar with robotics, but it also kept the interest of those familiar with the subject alive.”

“More specifically, the fact that it was an initiative involving children was a great opportunity for us to gain experience through working with them (as said before, volunteers come for the greatest part from primary education departments). The fact that little children were involved gave us the opportunity to come into contact with them and discover how young children engage in robotics and how interested they are in learning new things.”