Student Advocate

Συνήγορος του Φοιτητή - Student Advocate

The "Student Advocate" was introduced at the University of Thessaly with Government Gazette 6019 / Β / 20-12-2021 and has the following responsibilities:

  • Mediation between students and teachers or administrative services of the Foundation.
  • Observance of legality in the context of academic freedom.
  • Dealing with unproper administration practices.
  • Preservation of the well regulated operation of the Foundation.

The Student Advocate is not responsible for student examinations and grades.

With the no . prot . 270 / 27-05-2022 decision of the Senate of the University of Thessaly  Mr. Tselios Dimitrios, Associate Professor of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly, was appointed Student Advocate.


Postal Address: Business Administration Building - Digital Systems ( Gaiopolis -  1st floor)

Telephone: 2410684590

E-mail: sinigorosfititi [at] (sinigorosfititi[at]uth[dot]gr)

Students will be admitted every Friday 12: until 14:00