Center for International Education


The goal of the Center for International Education (CIE) is to plan and implement the internationalization strategy of the University of Thessaly. The CIE takes on the responsibility for the development and promotion of international relations and the organization and support of international educational – research activities. The UTH has signed over 315 Bilateral Agreements in 27 countries globally. The UTH participates in several international research collaborations, attracting a significant part of international funding for research. Recently, the University of Thessaly and the CIE developed a series of higher level strategic collaborations with institutes and organizations outside the EU (USA, Canada, China, India, Russia, Australia, etc.) expanding bonds with academic institutions in various fields.

The CIE’s priority is to further enhance the global presence and extroversion of the UTH.

The mission of the CIE is to:

  • design, develop, organize and support international educational activities of the University of Thessaly
  • provide information on the range of the UTH’s international activity
  • attract foreign professors for lectures and participation in the UTH’s educational work
  • build strategic relationships with countries of special research and educational interest
  • collaborate with other foreign schools and institutions in order to jointly develop initiatives for the design and implementation of research or general programs

Further information on the activity of the Center for International Education can be found on the Centre’s website (