Research Committee

Επιτροπή Ερευνών

The Research and Management Committee of ELKE of the University of Thessaly is responsible for the administration and management of ELKE   along with its President.

More information concerning the Research and ELKE Management committee of the University of Thessaly can be found on the Committee's website

The Research and Management Committee (ELKE) is a decision-making unit with the following responsibilities (article 54 of the Law 4485/ 2017):

a) to elaborating proposals to the University's Senate concerning the University's research and scientific strategy

b) to assist the Rectorate and Senate in the coordination of research, educational, training, development and various other University projects, funded and executed through ELKE; to submit requests regarding measures that need to be taken to secure funding

c) to prepare the Financing and Management Guide of ELKE and its Internal Rules of Operation (paragraph c of article 54 of Law 4485/2017)

d) to approve proposals for funding and execution of research and other projects, according to the Guide to Financing and Management of ELKE. (st. of article 54 of Law 4485/2017)

e) to approve the inclusion of each project's budget into the ELKE budget, as well as any budget modifications of already included projects (see article 54 of Law 4485/2017)

f) to submit the annual financial budget and review to the Senate, approve budget amendments and fiscal reports, and suggest the allocation of annual revenues from cases d, e, f, g, and i of paragraph 1, article 51, according to case c of paragraph 4, article 52

g) to provide any necessary information on ELKE activities to the Rector and the Senate of the University as well as to the public authorities (paragraph 54 of article 54 of Law 4485/2017)

h) to assign research studies or services, for the purposes of ELKE, to the staff of the University or to third parties, following documentation and proof of their expediency through all procedures described in the Funding and Management Guide (f. of article 54 of Law 4485/2017)

i) to accept any sort of grants, funding or donations of third parties to   ELKE and define the special terms of their acceptance and allocation, when the latter are not defined by conventional obligations (f. of article 54 of L. 4485/2017)

j) to seek funding sources and proceed to any action necessary in order to secure funds (f.i of article 54 of Law 4485/2017)

k) to grant scholarships, according to the ELKE Funding Guide

l) to hire and employ staff for the support of projects and programs that the ELKE implements

m) to offer liquidity management facilities to programs and projects, according to the ELKE Funding and Management Guide

n) proceed to all necessary actions for the undisrupted operation of the ELKE and the projects it implements