Library & Information Centre

University of Thessaly "Library and Information Centre" (LIC)

The University of Thessaly "Library and Information Centre" (LIC) operates as a single, decentralised unit at a Directorate level located in Volos, reporting to the Rector. Its mission is to strengthen and support the University’s educational and research activities, to contribute to the retrieval, management, provision and dissemination of specialized information to the wider national and international community and to participate effectively in various educational and cultural activities.

The Library & Information Centre operates as an academic services unit consisting of the Central Library in Volos and Branches at Faculty or Faculties level in the cities of Volos, Larissa, Trikala, Karditsa and Lamia. All the branches are managed by the Central Library, with which they form a single unit in terms of human resources, development policy and economic resources management.

The Library & Information Centre offers its services to all members of the University’s academic community, and to interested members of the external public if it has the necessary financial and human resources. Detailed information about the LIC’s structure, operation and all current services (on-site and on-line) is provided through its website.

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