Department of Energy Systems

Φωτογραφία Τμήματος Συστημάτων ενέργειας

The Dept. of Energy Systems of the University of Thessaly, covers a broad range of energy-related issue and focuses in the following sections:

  1. Systems of Thermal Energy
  2. Systems of Electrical Energy
  3. Systems for Renewable Energy Resources
  4. Energy Technology for Vehicles
  5. Energy Infrastructure
  6. Energy Management

The Program of Studies consists of two cycles. The first cycle, covering the first two years of studies (1st semester to 4th semester), consists of a set of core courses designed to provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in background issues and scientific knowledge in energy, in order to ensure proper and in-depth consolidation of the fundamental concepts and lay the foundations for the successful follow-up of the second cycle. The second cycle, covering the next two years (5th to 8th semesters) consists of Science Area and Skills Development courses divided in thematic modules. In the 8th semester, student compile and defend their thesis.

The learning outcome and qualifications of the Dept.’s graduates are in accordance with the European and National Highest Education Qualifications Framework. The professional rights of alumni of the Department of Energy Systems are expected to cover the full range of activities related to energy systems, from requirements analysis and studies to infrastructure planning and the development of institutional and legal frameworks.

Gaiopolis, Ring-Road of Larissa-Trikala, GR-41500, Larissa, Greece
Telephone Number
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