School of Physical Education, Sport Science and Dietetics

The School of Physical Education, Sport Science and Dietetics consists of two departments: i) the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science that was founded in 1993 and ii) the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics that was established at 2019. Both departments are cited in the city of Trikala, Thessaly, Greece. 

Our multifaceted collaboration with stakeholders is mutually beneficial to the academic community and society. It contributes to:

  • the education and training of our students in real working conditions,
  • the development of our research and the transfer of new research-based knowledge to teaching, thus improving our students' abilities based on contemporary information,
  • the development of local economy through the resources we attract and our innovative high-quality products and services,
  • the education and healthy development of young children,
  • the maintenance of good health and quality of life of citizens.

In addition to research and teaching, our School is also at the forefront of social interventions aimed at informing the public about education and public health. Through actions and announcements in media we inform citizens about contemporary issues related to education, sport, nutrition and health, such as the World Health Organization guidelines:


It is a pleasure to all of us in our School to get to know stakeholders, scientists and young researchers who wish to collaborate with us, to respond to questions of current and future students and parents as well as our alumni and anyone in general who wants to further the goals of the departments of our school. Please visit the webpages of our departments to get more information about them.

University of Thessaly, School of Physical Education, Sport Science and Dietetics, GR-42100, Karies, Trikala, Greece.
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