School of Sciences

Κτήριο Σχολής Θετικών Επιστημών

The school of Sciences of the University of Thessaly was founded according to the Presidential Decree 92/2013 (Government Gazette 131/issue Α’ /5-6-2013). It is based in Lamia and is housed in the buildings of the former Pedagogical Academy, as well as in the facilities of the former Technological Educational Institution (T.E.I) of Sterea Ellada (Central Greece). The school of sciences comprises the following Departments:

• The Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics

The Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics covers a wide range of study areas, both in the field of Computer Science and in the field of its applications in Biomedical Informatics. The Department provides students with deep knowledge of Computer Science, as well as in the utilization of Information Systems in the field of Health Sciences, which includes software development for large medical units and research in Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics.

• The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

The Department covers subjects that span the wide area of Informatics and Telecommunications, focusing on the following:
a) Artificial Intelligence
b) Control Systems and Robotics
c) Telecommunications and Networks
d) Data Management
e) Hardware and Software
f)  Informatics in Education

• The Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics aims at the cultivation and the development of mathematical thinking, as well as at graduates’ effective training in all disciplines of mathematical science, necessary for education, economy and research. Through the scientific areas it offers, the Department of Mathematics aims to raise graduates’ awareness on contemporary issues and various applications of mathematical science, sensitize them on problems of our time and enable them to cope with the needs of the labor market, with particular focus on the use of technology.

• The Physics department

The purpose of the Physics Department is, on the one hand, to provide quality theoretical and practical training to its students, in various cutting-edge fields of Physics, and on the other hand, to produce an original and high level of research. The subjects it offers cover a wide range of scientific fields with four main directions: Theoretical Physics & Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Elementary Physics & Plasma Physics, Physics of Condensed Matter and Applied Physics-Electronics.

The School of Sciences became autonomous and elected its Dean according to the law 4521/2018, and is governed by a) the Dean, b) the Deanery and c) the General Assembly.


Papasiopoulou 2-4, 35131, Lamia
Telephone Number
+30 22310 66902, 903
+30 22310 66715
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