Department of Primary Education

The Department of Primary Education (D.P.E.) of the University of Thessaly was founded in 1985 (FEK 113/31-5-1985) and received the first students in the academic year 1988-1989 (FEK 40/1-2-1988).


According to the current legislation, the D.P.E. aims:

  • To cultivate and promote the educational sciences by means of academic and applied teaching and research
  • To provide to its graduates the necessary provisions that will secure a complete training to meet the needs of their scientific and professional career
  • To contribute to the raising of the level and the covering of the increasing needs of education regarding educational issues
  • To contribute to the treatment and resolution of educational problems in general


Beside the traditional occupational outlet in public and private primary schools (with their increasing demands), the graduates of the D.P.E. can also work, among others, in children centrums, youth centrums, centrums for safeguarding children, cultural organisms, children camps, children libraries, museums, mass media, and organizations that produce educational material.


The Curriculum of Undergraduate Studies (C.U.S.) of the D.P.E. is determined by the Departmental Assembly after the suggestions of the Departmental Committee for the Curriculum.


The C.U.S. of the D.P.E. consists of lessons organized in semesters, practical training in cooperating primary schools and an optional thesis. The courses are distinguished in the following categories: Compulsory (C), Optional compulsory (OC) and Free Optional (FO). The Compulsory courses include essential topics and the practical training, aiming at providing a generic basic training to all students of the Department. In order to sign up for some of the Compulsory courses, the students need to have been successfully examined in prerequisite courses. The students of the D.P.E. must sign up for all the Compulsory courses and successfully take the related exams, while if they fail in the exam of a Compulsory course, they cannot replace it with another one.


Optional Compulsory are the optional courses that aim to provide more specialized knowledge on aspects of the curriculum so that the students have the opportunity to further elaborate on themes that correspond to their personal interests. Optional Compulsory courses are courses that the students choose from thematic units and which can be replaced in a future semester, if the students fail in the respective exams. It is highlighted that the students have to choose from the OC courses that are available in their study semester. In order to successfully finish their studies, the students need to choose a predefined number of OC courses from every thematic unit.


The Free Optional courses are OC courses from the Department of any thematic unit or optional courses from other Departments of the University of Thessaly which have been accepted by the DPE.

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