Department of Nursing


Nursing is the science that deals with the care of individuals, family and community and aims to prevent, promote and restore all the normal biopsychosocial functions of an individual's health. The mission of the Nursing Department of the University of Thessaly is to provide the necessary theoretical and practical training to its students, in order to practice the science of Nursing. The graduates of the department have the professional title of Nurse and have the right to work in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary health care, as executives of nursing units in the public and private sector. Among other things, graduates can work as self-employed General Care Nurses, participate in research studies, engage in education, etc.

The study program of the Department of Nursing is divided into 8 semesters and includes compulsory and optional compulsory courses. Part of the curriculum includes laboratory, tutoring and clinical exercises that complement the educational process of some of the compulsory courses. The objectives of the curriculum include the provision of knowledge on the comprehensive and documented evidence base of nursing care, the coordination of interdisciplinary teams, the education of patients and their caregivers on health issues, the research and theoretical teaching of nursing science, and the teaching of nursing science, organization of nursing units and the evaluation of health services.

The Nursing Department of the University of Thessaly is housed in the New Building of the School of Health Sciences in the area of ​​Gaiopolis. The building facilities are accessible to people with disabilities.

Gaiopolis, Larissa-Trikala Ring Road, Larissa
Telephone Number
+30 2410 684252
g-nurs [at] uth [dot] gr