Department of Economics

Κεντρική είσοδος του Τμήματος Οικονομικών Επιστημών

The duration of studies for the Degree of Economics is 8 semesters. In the first three years, five courses (plus a foreign language) are taught per semester, covering Economic Theory, Quantitative Analysis, Business Economics and Law. The main objective of the first three years is to work on economic knowledge in all its aspects and to prepare students to select their major in the fourth year.


The Department offers three majors:

  • Institutions and Economic Development
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Economics

In the fourth year students must successfully complete ten courses, four of which are compulsory, plus at least two elective courses from his/her major. The remaining four courses are to be chosen from the other major, or from another Department of the University of Thessaly.

During their last semester, students can write a dissertation on a subject chosen from either of the two majors. The dissertation is equivalent to 5 ECTS. If a student chooses not to write a dissertation, he/she may choose an additional course which should belong to one of the majors from the final year’s program.

The program offers the possibility a bimonthly practice in a public or private firm.

Foreign languages

The Department requires good knowledge of the English Language. Students, who are not holding (at least) a FIRST CERTIFICATE in English, are required to take English as a foreign language. Students who provide an original copy of their English FIRST CERTIFICATE have the possibility to choose one out of the other three foreign languages taught at the University (French, Italian, German). The selection of the foreign language course is to be made with an application at the Secretariat of the department during the very first week of the first semester or during enrolment day.

Foreign languages are taught at four different levels, during the first four semesters. Attendance to these courses is compulsory and progress (on a pass/fail basis) at each level is monitored in the students’ file.

Students have the option to change their foreign language selection during the first week of their third semester only. The eventual selection of a second foreign language is not taken into account in the final degree.

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