Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration (DBA) of the University of Thessaly (UTH) is located in Larissa, was established by Law 4589/2019 (Official Government Gazette 13A’/29.01.2019, Article 22, § 1d) and has been operating since September 2019. The

Department of Business Administration has been incorporated in the School of Economics and Business, which was also established by the same Law (Official Government Gazette 13A΄/ 29.01.2019, Article 21, § 1bb). 

The aim of the DBA undergraduate programme is to provide scientific knowledge on business management issues. In this context, it includes courses of both qualitative and quantitative approaches which enable graduates to analyze and understand the operation of business organisations in the modern environment and to identify policies and practices that optimize their effectiveness and efficiency. Upon completion of their studies, students can either work as executives in businesses, public and non-profit organizations, and /or continue their studies at the postgraduate level.

Undergraduate studies at the Department last eight semesters. Students acquire the degree after successfully completing 36 compulsory courses, 4 elective courses, and 4 foreign language courses, which total 240 ECTS credits altogether. The undergraduate programme offers 54 courses that cover the fields of Management, Marketing, Accounting-Finance, Informatics, Quantitative Methods, Economic Analysis and Law. In each of the first four semesters, five compulsory courses and one foreign language course are taught. In each semester of the third and fourth year students attend four compulsory courses and one elective course. Four elective courses are offered in each semester of the third year, and five elective courses are offered in each semester of the fourth year. Alternatively, in the eighth semester, students may undertake a Graduate Thesis instead of an elective course, on condition that they have successfully attended and completed the seventh semester Research Methods course.

The Department of Business Administration considers knowledge of the English language necessary, and therefore all students are required to attend the English Language courses. Instead of English, students who hold a C1 or C2 (according to CEFR) English Language Certificate may attend the French Language courses. Foreign Languages are taught at four levels during the first four semesters. Successful attendance at all four courses is compulsory and the average grade of the four courses add up to the degree grade.

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