The University of Thessaly volunteering group consists of students of the University’s Departments. The number of volunteers varies from 35 to 70. The need to create a volunteering program arose in 2015, while the Department of Early Childhood Education was hosting a conference. Since then, volunteers have participated in three more conferences and various other actions of the University of Thessaly, such as the Celebratory Events for the 30 years since the founding of the University of Thessaly, the events organized by the University of Thessaly TALOS Robotics team, etc. 

The driving force keeping this team united is the love of its members for volunteering, which motivates them to do their best and face any challenge, always smiling. The members may vary depending on which students graduate, but the core attributes of the group, namely the positive attitude, willingness and cheerful disposition, remain the same. 

The initiative to create the group was taken by Mrs. Katifenia – Aggeliki Chatzopoulou (Laboratory Teaching Staff member of the Department of Early Childhood Education). The coordinating team consists of Mrs. Sevasti Theodosiou (PhD student - Department of Early Childhood Education and secretary of Postgraduate Studies Programme - Department of Early Childhood Education) and Mrs. Aspasia Mantziou (PhD student - Department of Early Childhood Education) as well as Mrs. Aggela Ntinori (student of the Department of Early Childhood Education), Mr. David Moustakis (student of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Mrs. Evgenia Sinouli (graduate of the Department of Early Childhood Education).


Katifenia – Aggeliki Chatzopoulou
Laboratory teaching Staff
University of Thessaly
Email: kchatzop [at] uth [dot] gr