Department of Agriculture, Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment

Τμήμα Γεωπονίας Ιχθυολογίας και Υδάτινου Περιβάλλοντος

At the academic year of 2002-03 DIAE was established under the School of Agricultural Sciences focusing mainly on aquatic living resources. It is the only higher educational academic Institution in Hellas, which offers an integrated master degree on aquatic living resources upon successful completion of 10 semesters taught courses. DIAE is a leading Hellenic academic Institution supporting and conducting novel scientific research on aquatic living resources. DIAE adopts modern methods of teaching, or conducting research and focuses on scientific issues mainly related to aquaculture, fisheries and conservation biology. Among other premises the multi-purpose aquarium for research on experimental rearing material is of outmost importance.  

The objectives of DIAE are:

  • Educate and train new scientists capable of following a successful scientific and professional career on aquatic living resources.
  • Diffusion of scientific knowledge and methodology to students on applied research topics such as fisheries, aquaculture and conservation biology.
  • Conduction of innovative/modern research (Centre/Institution of excellence).

A series of competitive research programs/projects funded by the Hellenic State and The European Union have been awarded to DIAE. Members of the academic staff participate in Scientific Excellence Networks and collaborate with other Universities and Research Institutes in Europe and overseas.

DIAE’s research interests:

  • comparative and evolutionary morphology, taxonomy, ecology and biology of various fish and other aquatic fauna and flora, and microorganisms
  • biodiversity
  • aquatic animal nutrition, bioenergetics
  • fish physiology and social behaviour of fish and their interactions
  • parasitic, infectious and other different aetiology diseases of fish
  • genetics and molecular biology of aquatic fauna and flora
  • aquafeed technology
  • processing technology, hygiene and preservation of fish, seafood and other aquatic animal organisms
  • marketing of aquatic products
  • economic valuation of aquatic natural resources
  • sustainable management of aquatic resources
  • hydrology, limnology, plankton and benthic ecology
  • oceanography

Minimum duration of research leading to a PhD thesis is set at three years. The PhD title is awarded upon successful completion of a novel research thesis through an open viva to the Examination Committee. Postgraduates are also required to attend a series of postgraduate courses depending on their academic background.

Graduates of DIAE could be employed at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, Agricultural Bank, Ministry of the Environment, Regional Councils and Municipalities, research labs, consultant enterprises, International Organizations, United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, FAO. There are also a variety of opportunities to work in the aquaculture industry. 

Telephone Number
+30 24210 93156 , +30 24210 93201
+30 24210 93157
g-diae [at] uth [dot] gr