PROSVASI means access in Greek and acts as the accessibility centre of the University of Thessaly. The aim of PROSVASI is to enhance the academic, social and spatial access of students with disabilities at the University of Thessaly.

PROSVASI offers multidimensional services, which primarily address the needs of students with disabilities, their volunteers, the lecturers and the administrative staff from every department of the University of Thessaly in the cities of Volos, Larissa, Trikala, Karditsa and Lamia. In addition, PROSVASI collaborates with various entities and participates in various actions and projects about accessibility issues.

PROSVASI’s services are designed and delivered by a group of people including PROSVASI’s Coordinator, PROSVASI’s staff as well as volunteers of the University of Thessaly. In every department, there is also a faculty member and a member in the Secretary Office who collaborate with PROSVASI in order to address the needs of the students in each department. Finally, PROSVASI’s Committee consists of faculty members from different departments of the University of Thessaly, who discuss important issues and make decisions regarding PROSVASI.

Students can register in PROSVASI thought its website (prosvasi.uth.gr). In addition, the faculty or administrative staff can communicate with PROSVASI to ask for information or support.  

For more information regarding the services and the registration process in PROSVASI, please visit the PROSVASI’s website (prosvasi.uth.gr) or contact PROSVASI by e-mail prosvasi [at] uth.gr (prosvasi[at]uth[dot]gr) or by phone +30 24210 74345, +30 24210 74338 and +30 2410 684396. You can also find PROSVASI in Facebook (Πρόσβαση Πανεπιστημίου Θεσσαλίας - Accessibility Centre, University of Thessaly) and send us a message.