The accessibility center for students with disabilities and/or special education needs.

The aim of the accessibility center "PROSVASI" (in English "ACCESS") is to enhance the physical, academic and social access of students with disabilities at the University of Thessaly. More analytically, the objectives of PROSVASI are the following: a) to inform and support students with disabilities in order to enhance their access and inclusion at the University of Thessaly, and b) to inform and support the faculty and administrative staff regarding differentiating and inclusive practices for students with disabilities. In general, the mission of "PROSVASI" is to act towards the development of an accessible and inclusive environment for students with disabilities, at the University of Thessaly.

All students and faculty members who are interested in "PROSVASI" have to make a registration in advance in order to get all appropriate information and receive in turn support from PROSVASI. If students with disabilities ask for support, their fellow students undertake the role of assistants, as peer tutors, and in collaboration with faculty members, they provide several services in order to enhance the access and inclusion of their co-students with disabilities. The type of services that the assistants provide varies depending on the needs of their co-students with disabilities. For example, they may help their peers to fill in applications and other documents, attend a course (e.g. take notes), communicate with the faculty staff, to convert various files in other forms accessible to them (e.g. PDF or Power Point presentations to word or to Braille documents). Also, to write an assignment, get prepared for the exams, to get involved in social activities or to move from one place to another within the premises of the University of Thessaly. Additionally, Greek Sign Language
interpreters support deaf students who are proficient in Greek Sign Language.

Faculty and administrative staff can also get information or support from PROSVASI. Specifically, PROSVASI can provide general guidelines or individual support to the faculty and administrative staff regarding the needs of students with disabilities and the differentiating practices that facilitate the access and inclusion of students with disabilities at the University of Thessaly.

For more information, you may contact the coordinator of PROSVASI, Dr. Magda Nikolaraizi.

Dr. Magda Nikolaraizi,
Associate Professor in Special/Inclusive Education-Education of the deaf
Department of Special Education
Coordinator of PROSVASI, the Accessibility Centre for Students with Disabilities


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