Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology


The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology was founded in 2000. Each year recently, there have been more than 100 newly admitted students. It has been the only department in Greece that focuses on these two fields of biological studies, offering qualitative and state-of-the art training to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as developing research and providing services. Since 2016 the department has been situated in new headquarters in Viopolis (Larissa), offering a revised program of undergraduate studies and five different postgraduate programs. The teaching staff consists of scientists involved in high level research activities, collaborating with various national and international research centers and achieving continuous funding. All these characteristics contribute to the Department’s ongoing growth and publicity. The main aim in the Department is the new scientists’ theoretical and practical training as well as their further professional training at undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doc level, on topics that relate to biochemistry and biotechnology. 
One of the main activities in the Department is the completion of state-of-the art research on Biochemistry and Biotechnology, such as the development of technical know-how relating to the design and synthesis of new compounds, with applications on health and biotechnology as well as service provision and transfer of expertise to public research and technological centers, universities, domestic and foreign industries. There is also progress in innovative applications and services for developmental entities, non-governmental organizations and businesses, on the basis of modern diagnostic methods of molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology. 
The Biochemistry and Biotechnology graduates belong to the field PE4, which corresponds to university graduates specialized in Biology and have full professional rights concerning the tutoring of the respective discipline. Additionally, they can find work in both private and public services, in diagnostic or research laboratories, in pharmaceutical companies that either produce or commercialize drugs, in quality assessment laboratories, in industries that produce new biotechnological products, in agencies that conduct biochemical and biotechnological monitoring of environmental factors as well as in secondary and tertiary education. 

Viopolis, 41500, Larissa
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+30 2410 565271-3, +30 2410 565257, +30 2410 565298,+30 2410 565220
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