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Important Distinction of the Civil Engineering Department: Financing Research through the new European Programme ΙNTERREG BALKAN-MEDITERRANEAN 2014-2020

The Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly announces its participation as a partner / beneficiary in the project "Urban water-energy cycle: from its source to its end-users and back to the environment - WATenERgy CYCLE" (Financing: Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Balkan- Mediterranean 2014-2020, 1st Call for Proposals). Coordinator of the project proposal was Associate Professor V. Kanakoudis.
Specifically, 384 proposals were submitted by the 5 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) participating in the Transnational Cooperation Program, of which 37 were approved (9.6% success rate) and WATenERgy CYCLE proposal received the highest score.
WATenERgy CYCLE research project aim is to promote innovative technologies and strengthen transnational cooperation to improve environmental protection and water resources efficiency and energy efficiency among the 5 countries involved. For the implementation of the project, the University of Thessaly will cooperate with the following organizations at national and European level: 1) Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Larissa, Greece (Lead Partner), 2) Special Secretariat for Water, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Greece 3) Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Sewerage of Kozani, Greece, 4) Joint Stock Company Water Supply and Sewerage Korce, Albania, 5) Water Board of Nicosia, Cyprus, 6) Bulgarian Water Association, Bulgaria, 7) Public Communal Enterprise Water supply and Sewerage-Prilep, FYROM, 8) National Federation of Water Associations (EurEau), EU as an observer, 9) Water Supply and Sewer Association of Albania, Albania as an observer.
It is worth noting that EurEau's involvement ensures the European dimension in the joint formulation of drinking water lifecycle policies, in line with the EU 2020 Strategy, specifically on climate change and energy efficiency objectives and in line with the objectives of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC. The coordination of the research project by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly will contribute to linking academic research with the needs of the market to create mechanisms for detecting potential entrepreneurship and research excellence, especially in the field of drinking water management.

Further information:
Associate Professor Vasilis Kanakoudis (bkanakoud@uth.gr )


2nd Erasmus+ Staff Training Week

On Friday 7 April 2017 the 2nd ERASMUS+ STAFF TRAINING WEEK was successfully concluded. The Staff Training Week was hosted by the Department of Cultural Exchanges and Public Relations of the University of Thessaly. Seventeen (17) staff members participated in the Staff Week, from sixteen (16) different Universities all around Europe; Germany, Denmark, USA, Spain, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Czech Republic. During the Training Week there were sessions, discussions, and presentations of all the Universities by their respective attending representatives, aiming for the exchange of good practices and methods as well as for the strengthening of relations among the Universities. The participants had the opportunity, among others, to attend a 3-hour course on the Greek language and Greek traditional dances by the student dance group of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science. The activities were extended beyond the facilities of the University of Thessaly, a visit to the traditional villages of Pelion and a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Volos were also part of the week’s programme. The visit to the Archaeological Museum was realized thanks to the impeccable collaboration with the Association of Friends of the Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos, offering a comprehensive tour of the museum in English.
The week’s activities covered any demands on professional knowledge and experience as well as the familiarization of the participants with the Greek culture and the University of Thessaly. This initiative falls into the wider range of activities for the internalization of our University within the Erasmus+ framework.

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Εuropean Project Kick-off Meeting

Εuropean project kick-off meeting: Six European Universities, Four European Educational Authorities and three European Physical Education Associations in Trikala for the Implementation of a European Project

On Monday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 21 the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of the University of Thessaly arranged a meeting among leading professors and researchers in Sport Psychology and Physical Education (PE) from six leading universities in sport science, in Europe (Greece, Spain , England, France, Turkey, Italy), representatives from 3 European Ministries of Education (Greece, France, Turkey), and 3 European PE Associations (European PE Association, Germany, Italy). This was the first (Kick-off) meeting of this research consortium, focused on the initiation of research and educational activities related to the implementation of the European IMPACT Project (Identifying and Motivating youth who mostly need Physical ACTivity).
The IMPACT project will be carried out from 2017 to 2019 in six European countries, in cooperation with the educational institutions of these countries. It aims at developing a European policy for the promotion of extracurricular sport and physical activity and at ensuring the children’s and adolescents’ health through physical education.
It will involve more than 2000 students from each country, from 10 to 18 years. The Project coordinator, at European level, is Professor Papaioannou Athanasios and a team of researchers from the School of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of the University of Thessaly, who will collaborate with executives and researchers from 12 European partners for the implementation of the program.
The project is directly financed by the European Community, after successful application to the competitive ERASMUS + SPORT program.



Important distinction for the Department of Civil Engineering: research funding through the European Program HORIZON 2020

The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Thessaly was recently awarded funding for a research project, in the competitive program HORIZON 2020 Marie-Sklodowska Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange MSCA-RISE-2016. The project’s scientific coordinator for the University of Thessaly is Assoc. Professor Chrysi Laspidou, while the project’s acronym and title are Water4Cities—Holistic Surface Water and Groundwater Management for Sustainable Cities. It deals with urban water management, which becomes increasingly more challenging in the view of population growth and the growing complexity of water management infrastructure.
The Water4Cities project will rely on sensor technologies, data and visual analytics to enable localization, visualization and analysis of urban water (both surface water and groundwater) at a holistic urban setting providing services to multiple water stakeholders. It aims to develop the necessary models and an associated platform that will enable water providers and relevant stakeholders to a) monitor in real-time the urban water resources; b) support their decisions for optimal urban water management causing minimal environmental impact, and c) involve policy makers, corporations, and the public to provide the support for sound and balanced decision-making. Beyond the scientific results, Water4Cities will target the exchange of knowledge among project partners. The project will be demonstrated in two case studies, one in the island of Skiathos, Greece, and one in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Coordinator of the program is the IT Company SingularLogic (Greece), while the research team consists of 8 partners from 5 different countries: Greece, Slovenia, Spain, UK and USA. The project partners are the following: the Institut Jozef Stefan (Slovenia), the Ljubljanski Urbanisticni Zavod, d.d. (Slovenia), Iquadrat Informatica SL (Spain), the Bangor University (UK), the Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise of Skiathos (Greece), and the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center (USA). The total project budget is 1.2 million euros and the duration is 4 years. The Kick-off Meeting of the Water4Cities project took place in Brussels on the 2nd and 3rd of March, 2017. The Water4Cities project will enable the collaboration of researchers in different research areas, i.e., water management, urban infrastructure management, sensor networks, data mining, data visualization, system integration and urban planning. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the project, staff exchanges will allow partners working closely together to deliver high quality results.

Assoc. Prof. Chrysi Laspidou (laspidou@uth.gr)


Distinction of Students of the Civil Engineering Department in FameLab Science Communication Competition.

On Monday 06/03/2017 the first semifinal of Famelab science communication competition organized by the British Council took place in Athens. FameLab is one of the largest competitions for science communication in the world.
Five students of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly (Kostas Anagnostopoulos, Kleopatra Vamavakousi, Ioanna Skyrianou, Iraklis Cholevas, Doxa Psychogiou) participated with very interesting scientific presentations, after the encouragement and guidance of Associate Professor Theodore Karakasidis. Our joy was great when the committee composed by Kostas Karpouzis (National Technical University of Athens), Nikos Andritsos (SKAI TV and SKAI radio 100.3) and Antigone Dimas (Alexander Fleming Research Centre) announced the names of candidates who took the ticket to the final round of Famelab of competition: Doxa Psychogiou was among the four selected candidates for the final competition form the given semifinal while Ioanna Skyrianou was one of the two runners-up. Congratulations to all our students for their preparation and their very good and interesting presentations and good luck for those who advanced to the final round of the competition! The final phase of Famelab competition will take place on April 1 in the frame of the Athens Science Festival at Technopolis-Gazi in Athens. If you are in Athens on that date come to see their presentations and support them.



Blood Donation drive in order to enrich the blood bank of the School of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Thessaly

Dear Colleagues, Partners and Students

We’d like to inform you know that in November 2016, after your invaluable contribution, the blood bank of the School was reinforced. The blood bank was established in April 2012 and helped many of our fellow citizens who were in need. We are glad to inform you that in the last year more than twenty bottles of blood were given. In order to continue our effort we are organizing blood donation drive on the 22nd of March 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m., at the courtyard of the School of Agricultural Sciences. Your participation is considered absolutely necessary as blood is a priceless gift for all those who are in dire need.

The Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Vafidis Dimitrios


Collaborative Project will focus on Urban Food Production

University of Thessaly was selected to host a Greek Diaspora scholar from the United States to work on a collaborative project on Urban and Peri-Urban Food Production for the safe environmentally-sound production of local food. Professor George D. Nanos will lead the project, together with Asst. Professor Eleni D. Pliakoni, a Fellow from Kansas State University, Kansas City, USA.



One more Great Success for the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

One more great success for the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of our University, that once again proves its active involvement in our country’s research activities. Four new post-doctoral researchers were granted the prestigious State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) fellowships in order to undertake their research in the Department. The researchers are the following:

  1. Konstantina Tsoumani: “Synthetic CRISPR/Cas9 shredding system of the X chromosome for genetic control of the olive fly” (grade: 95.5/100)
  2. Thalia Kerasioti: “Nutrigenomic study of the antioxidant activity of sheep whey, to create functional foods with added value from feta cheese” (grade: 92/100)
  3. Daniela Tsikou: “Symbiosis in legume roots: do rhizobia affect the arbuscular mycorrhizal interaction?” (grade: 91/100)
  4. Evangelia Papadopoulou: “In vitro and in situ in soil evaluation of the antioxidant ethoxyquin and its oxidation products as novel nitrification inhibitors” (grade: 90.5/100)

Congratulations to all!


Postgraduate students of European Universities visit the Laboratory of Rural Space of the University of Thessaly

On the initiative of the Laboratory of Rural Space (Department of Planning and Regional Development-University of Thessaly), utilizing the European HORIZON program (HNV-Link- High Nature Value Agriculture: Learning, Innovation and Knowledge) and based on the cooperation with municipalities of western Thessaly, a meeting was held in Mouzaki, on Sunday 12/2 /2017, aiming to the development of a center for the exploitation of PINDOS as a High Nature Value area.

The following participated in the meeting:
• Prof. Mr. Dimitris Goussios, Dr Gaki Dimitra, and Dr Faraslis Ioannis from the Rural Space Laboratory
• The Mayors of: Mouzaki; Mr.Kotsos, Kalambaka; Mr.Sinanis, Farkadona; Mr. Merivakis, Pyli; Mr. Maravas, Argithea; Mr.Tsivolas, Plastira; Mr.Tsiantis, Sofadon; Mr. Skarlos, and the municipalities’ administrative staff, and
• The managers of local development agencies.


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