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Formation of a Joint Group for the International Synthetic Biology Competition iGEM 2019

A concept by the students of the laboratories of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly was born, to form the first team in our university that will attempt to participate in the International Synthetic Biology Competition iGEM that is going to be held in Boston, in November 2019.


Design Thinking in Engineering Education

Entrepreneurial capacity is long considered as a key transversal competency applicable in all subjects and educational levels (ET2020). It empowers individuals to explore their talents, to introduce creative ideas, and to take action towards turning ideas into viable solutions that contribute to business growth and social well-being.
Design thinking is a human-centered, solution-oriented approach to entrepreneurial innovation that aims at better understanding of how a user will experience a proposed solution. Design thinking can help find solutions through empathy for understanding actual issues, creativity for innovation, prototyping, and testing with users to ensure that proposed services work (Stanford). The approach is successful both in making businesses successful through offerings that best meet client needs and in solving social issues in social entrepreneurship contexts by introducing solutions through creativity where none may appear to exist.  These entrepreneurial skills are particularly relevant for today’s young generation in the face of emerging societal challenges related to population growth, poverty, unemployment, and more.
DesignIT aims at introducing innovative design thinking interventions into entrepreneurial higher education towards preparing students to enter evolving economies by being adaptive, resilient, innovative, and creative and by possessing the practical entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to put ideas into action in business as well as social well-being contexts.
The project targets the educational needs of students by introducing design thinking skill building activities that can be integrated into wide subjects and help learners understand the core design thinking concepts as well as explore its practical applications in diverse contexts.
DesignIT further targets the needs of educators by introducing instructor support content for integrating design thinking into learning by challenging students to generate new ideas and bring them into life.
DesignIT applies well accepted active learning methodologies that help students learn by doing and building experience. Some argue that great designs are the results of great teams. In this spirit, the project further promotes collaborative and explorative learning approaches. The project exploits the advantages of gamification, namely the deployment of game elements in learning contexts, towards promoting student engagement, motivation, evaluation, and step-by-step scaffolding of knowledge.
The above is achieved through a gamified learning environment that encourages learners to apply design thinking methods towards solving non-trivial business and social challenges. Students will be exposed to the entrepreneurial concepts of desirability of a solution (i.e. how well it addresses user needs), technical feasibility, and business viability (IDEO). Specific learning scenarios inspired by real-world case-studies are designed around clear educational objectives, namely the promotion of soft skills such as creativity, group-work, and customer understanding along with practical capabilities such as designing a working and viable basic business offering.
The DesignIT gamified learning environment is designed for deployment as a complementary educational tool in wider blended learning activities classroom during which learners have the opportunity to learn from each other and from the teacher through peer idea evaluation as well as the evaluation of the viability of the proposed business solution.


ICTAI 2018: International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, Greece, Nov 2018

We have the pleasure and honor to participate in the organization of "ICTAI 2018: International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence" to be held in Volos, November 5-7, 2018.

Paper submission due: June 1, 2018 (time: 23:59 PST)
Notification fo Acceptance: July 16, 2018
Camera Ready: August 10 2018

For more information on topics, important dates and author instructions,  please visit :

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
Yota Tsompanopoulou


Narrative breakfast with Evi Gerokosta

Thursday 17/05/2018
TIME: 10:00 - 11:00
Tsalapatas Multiplex Hall

-  Narrations for children, with Evi Gerokosta
Responsible person: Professor T. Tsilimeni
- Stories from literature, with a touch of spring, about clouds, winds, and wings that flying freely, changing everything.

In the context of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the University of Thessaly, the Direction of Literature and Children's Book of the Language and Culture Laboratory of the University of Athens, the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education and the Panhellenic Association of Friends of Narratives (PHOF), organize a narrative breakfast with Evi Gerokosta. The one-hour event is for children from 6 years of age and above and will be held on Thursday, May 17, at 10 am, at the Tsalapatas Group.
There will be stories and poems by the writers: Dimitris Angeli, Anies de Lextrant, Carl Norah, Mark Sallal, Tasoula Tsilimeni, Nazim Hikmet, Thetis Choetiatis, Rick Hoffman, Evi Gerokosta.

Evi Gerokosta studied French literature in the University of Athens and Translation in the Literary Translation Center of the French Institute. She has worked in environmental organizations, at the European Translation Center for Literature and Humanities, and since 2004 she has been in charge of the training program at the National Book Center. At the same time she translates French literature. She is also involved in theater and singing. Since 2003 she is a professional storyteller in schools, music events, libraries, festivals, etc. Her stories are for people of all ages, from all over the world, stories that she has heard, wrote or translated, but mostly stories that have deeply touched her. She was honored with the “Pinelopi Maximou” (Πηνελόπη Μαξίμου) award.

Interested schools should contact: Mrs. Maria Adamakou, madamakou@uth.gr, Rector's Office, Tel.2421074502.
Priority service will be followed.


Summer School of Tzoumerka

The University of Thessaly / Department of History, Archeology and Social Anthropology organizes, in cooperation with the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka, the 6th Summer School, to be held from 26th (Sunday) to 31st (Friday) August 2018 in Syrrako, North Tzoumerka, Ioannina. The theme of this year's Summer School is: "Our festivals. Times are changing, festivals are staying. "
Theoretical starting points
The Greek panigiri (πανηγύρι) is an important festival and a celebration. A ritual that has multiple functions and symbolisms. Even in the last few decades, during which the festival has been transformed, it continues to organize and unite the community, to allow community members to perform religious worship events, and it is also used as a place for economic, cultural and social exchanges.
Tradition is renewed and reestablished through the festivals. The past is revived and linked to the present. Participants seek immersion in the community pool. It is the first level of operation. On the second level, in the field of dancing and dancing, well-known social structures and new social interactions or conflicts are formed. At the same time, new cultural behaviors emerge. There is often no identity renewed, rather the new identity of the lonely city inhabitant with the cultural influences of the mass culture of the industrial society is shaped.
In the traditional dances of the Greek plains, the Modern Greek identity is now expressed in a strong and liberal way, with the accompaniment of the sounds of the so-called neo-demotics. It is undoubtedly a cultural process fed by the musical composition and instruments of the orchestra, slowly gaining ground in the mountainous area as well.


Scholarship award ceremony

The Rector of the University of Thessaly, Professor George K. Petrakos and the President of the Israeli Community of Volos Mr. Marcel Solomon invite you to the scholarship award ceremony to the students of the University of Thessaly by the Israeli Community of Volos on Monday, May 14, 2018 at 7.30 pm, in the "ERGON" event hall of the Tsalapatas multiplex, Giannitson & Lahanas, in Volos.
The scholarships are courtesy of the family of the late benefactor of the Jewish Community of Volos, Mr. Zacharias Sakkis.
The event is part of the celebration of the 30 years of operation of the University of Thessaly.
After the award ceremony, the book of Betty Magrisos will be presented to the public, the publication of which marks the author’s 20th year in the field of literature.
Dimitris Stavrakakis, publisher (ARISTARETI publications)
Dionysis Leimonis, philologist, writer
The President of the Israeli Community of Volos, Marcel Solomon, will give a brief salutatory speech. Abstracts from the book will be read by the author.
The presentation is coordinated by Mrs. Rania Gatou.
A music event will follow, with Mariantzella Chatzistamatiou (soprano) and Nikos Panagiotidis (guitar).



The General Assembly of the School of Humanities and the University of Thessaly during the 6th / 02.05.2018 meeting of Social Sciences and after thorough discussion, concluded, by a majority of the members present, the following resolution:

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Thessaly is against burning garbage from the company Lafarge and against the construction of a SRF generating plant by the Municipal Authority of Volos. It supports the actions and causes of the Volos Citizens’ Committee and invited members of the School to actively participate in them and to the rally being held on May 5, 2018, as their duty towards the natural environment of our city, to our citizens, our children and our students.

The GC of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Thessaly.


Teacher Education and Education Departments, 30 Years After: Facing the New Challenges

The Teaching Practice Network of Early Childhood Education Departments, a scientific and professional association of teacher-educators, in conjunction with the Greek Early Childhood Education Departments, organize the 2nd Panhellenic conference in Volos, at the University of Thessaly, from the 28th to 30th of September 2018. The conference theme is "Teacher Education and Education Departments, 30 Years After: Facing the New Challenges". The conference invites researchers, scholars, teacher-educators, practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students to submit their proposals. Its principal aim is to provide a relevant and rigorous academic forum for the promotion, development, and dissemination of research into teacher education. Presentations will be offered in multimodal formats, including individual papers/presentations, themed discussion forums, and posters.
For more information on important dates and conference fees please visit the official Conference website: http://hpnconf2018.uth.gr. or send an email to the following address: hpnconf2018@uth.gr


Tribute to World Women's Day

On Thursday 8 March 2018, at 7:00 pm, at Volos Club an event will be held - a tribute to World Women's Day - in honor of our fellow citizens, Maria Sakellariou-Marantondaki, Professor of the University of Thessaly, for her multidimensional contribution to the local community of Volos. The distinguished professor will elaborate on the subject: "Water Source of Life". The event will be co-ordinated by the journalist Rosanna Popota.