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Future Events

29.11.19    16th International Congress of the Pedagogical Society of Greece
22.11.19    “Ιmage / Public Space / Politics”
20.11.19    Seismic design of masonry buildings with steel structural system. The Case of the Akron-Ilion-Crystal building on Stadiou street in Athens
20.11.19    A visual analysis of dissent through common man/woman images in Gezi and Anti-Coup protests
18.11.19    Subsea Equipment for Hydrocarbon Transmission
13.11.19    Transatlantic commercial networks and the palimpsest of Greek migration in America during the 19th c.
11.11.19    Curriculum Development using VR technology to enhance empathetic communication skills in future healthcare professionals
08.11.19    Assessment & Interventions for Addressing Student Behavior Problems in School
06.11.19    Workshop: Ideologies, Language Communication and Education
04.11.19    From the plains to the International Markets
04.11.19    The Nexus of Water-Land-Food-Energy-Climate and Their Sustainable Management for Efficient Use of Resources: The Case Study of Greece
04.11.19    Local, Transnational, Global: Transformations, New Fields and Questions in European Historiography
03.11.19    Walking together: Intercultural routes in the city of Volos with the participation of young refugees from ARSIS shelter in Makrinitsa, students from the University of Thessaly and students from the Second Chance School of Volos
23.10.19    13th European Night Without Accidents
23.10.19    Contemporary Interventional Management of Anticoagulant Education