Studies program of the Department of Foods Technology of the T.E.I. of Thessaly (Karditsa)


The Program of Studies “Food Technology” (former Dept. of Food Technology, TEI of Thessaly) has a 4-year study program and a Curriculum that fulfills the needs of the Greek and European Food Market and Industry and covers the requirements and current developments in food science and technology.

The Department has well-organized laboratories with modern infrastructures, which offer significant theoretical and technical-laboratory training to students and participate in -both Greek and European- competing research programs, as well as self-funded research projects in collaboration with the food industry, producing significant results of basic or applied research.

Food Technologists are included in the specializations with the highest demand in the market. They are employed in the production process, research and development of novel food, food quality control (chemical and microbiological), monitoring of food and beverage quality and safety control standards, in food-beverage analysis laboratories, in companies marketing food raw materials, as scientific consultants in food companies, as researchers in public or private research labs, or as Food Technologists in the Public Sector (Greek Food Safety Authority, EFSA, Prefectures, ELGO-DEMETRA, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, etc.).