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KESZTHELY, HUNGARY, 13rd International Olympiad on Astronomy - Astrophysics: The Best Greek Performance: Two Silver Medals and Three Bronze

KESZTHELY, HUNGARY, 13rd International Olympiad on Astronomy - Astrophysics
the Best Greek Performance:
Two Silver Medals and Three Bronze

Volos, 10/08/2019
On Tuesday, August 13rd 2019, the Greek Olympic Team arrived in Athens, having represented our country in 13rd International Olympiad on Astronomy – Astrophysics at Keszthely, Hungary, from 2/8/2019 to 10/08/2019. In the current organization our team won two (2) silver medals (students: Themis Poultourtzidis, 1st High School of Klikis, and Argyris Giannisis-Manes, Musical School of Volos), and three (3) bronze medals (students: Eftichia Vassileiou, Prototype High School of Ionidios School of Piraeus, Dionysios Gakis, Experimental High School of Patras, and Konstantinos Xyloportas, Experimental High School of Ag. Anargyroi, Athens). It’s the first time that our country wins five (5) medals in this Olympiad.
The Team Leaders of the Greece delegation was: Loukas Zachilas, Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Thessaly and Dr Hara Papathanasiou, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Mrs Maria Kontaxi (Teaching Staff of Univ. of Thessaly) participated as an Observer. The total number of participating countries was 46 and the total number of students was 254 from all over the world. Those students are the best from each country. The subjects that the students have to study are: (a) Theoretical Astrophysics (50% of the total marks), Data Analysis (25%) and Astronomical Observations (25%). The first student that solved the 88,94% of the problems, was a Vietnamese boy.
The Greek team was selected from a total number of 200 students all over Greece, and who had participated in the three stages of the 24th Greek Competition on Astronomy. The organizers of the competition are the Astronomical Club of Volos, University of Thessaly and Ministry of Education of our country. The Greek Olympic Team was trained in the facilities of the University of Thessaly (at the Matsaggou Building) by selected former students and Olympic Winners. The transport cost was covered for a 5th time by Onassis Foundation.

From left to right:
Zachilas L., Gakis D., Giannisis-Manes A., Xyloportas K., Vassileiou E., Poultourtzidis E., Papathanasiou H.