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Beliefs: "Knitting" our own reality

Beliefs: "Knitting" our own reality


Beliefs: "Knitting" our own reality
Conference Center of the Monastery of Paou of the University of Thessaly in during the weekend of Pentecost and Monday of the Holy Spirit
(26-28 May 2018)

The experiential workshop of the seminar gives the opportunity to better our way of thinking about ourselves and the world as well as to enjoy the nature on Mount Pelion (http://mpaou.uth.gr)

The program includes a daily 6-hour workshop and expressive movement, both indoors and outdoors, and 2 overnight stays, on May 26 & 27.

A few words concerning the theme of the seminar:
As seen in nature, black holes expand by absorbing all mass from their surroundings, even light itself. Likewise, certain beliefs we seem to unconsciously adopt end up limiting our actions and even absorb everything else in our lives, even inner truths about ourselves before we can even realize this is happening. Our strict adherence to those beliefs considerably narrows our point of view eliminating any chance of seeing things through a different scope.
When we try or wish for something, but deep down, on an unconscious level we have no true faith that we will succeed, it is unlikely they come to fruition. Our unconscious beliefs are those that determine what comes our way and what we manage to accomplish in our lives. These beliefs are formed from birth and continue to be formed during our childhood, according to our values with which we were raised and our psychological defenses and resources at the time. Our beliefs constitute our personal way of having processed and understand the world and life itself.  
The world belief derives from the verb believe, meaning to have confidence or faith in the truth, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so. That is why beliefs narrow our point of view and every possibility for change and happiness is lost in their vortex. For example, if we believe that only when everything surrounding us is in perfect condition we can relax, then we miss the opportunity for relaxation and contentment, because nothing in life is perfect.

In this seminar, through the use of images as a means of accessing the unconscious belief that limits us in this stage of our lives, the use of motor improvisation, inner symbolism and active imagination, we will try to explore and understand how this belief affects our body and our health. Finally, we will use methods of Applied Kinesiology to form a new, beneficial belief. During the seminar, each participant will have the opportunity to work on a personal limiting conviction. Just as we perceive our reality up to this moment according to our already shaped beliefs, i.e. the existing neural pathways in our brain, we can also record new, positive beliefs. The plasticity of the brain allows us to establish new neural synapses and therefore new ways of perceiving reality.