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High Strength Steel for Long Span and Tall Structures

Volos 2/6/2017

Prof. C. C. Baniotopoulos, PhD, Prof hc
School of Engineering, University of Birmingham
Friday 2-06-2017 at 12:00
Room Α, Department of Civil Engineering
Synopsis: The use of steels with higher strengths (400 to 960/1100 MPa) can lead to significantly lighter structures as soon as limitations on stability and deflection can be overcome. Although widely used in automotive and machinery industry, structural applications still remain scarce. Current research activity investigates innovative cross-sections, joints, structural arrangements, and design methods including pre-stressing technologies that enable the assets of high strength steels to be maximised. The work focuses on long-span roof applications, typically used in open stadiums, closed arenas, and exhibition halls as well as tall wind turbine towers.