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Tallinn 15-19/7/2013

The Department of Computer & Communications Engineering of the University of Thessaly is participating as one of the partners in the organization of a Summer School about "Design of Educational Games". "The Summer School is also organized by other partners of the research project "Serious Games Network" (SEGAN). The SEGAN project is funded by the European Commission and in particular by the Lifelong Learning Program.



Volos 11-13/07/2013

9th National and International Conference of the Hellenic Society for Systemic Sciences "Systemics for Process Cohesion". Place: Hotel " Xenia" ( Volos)

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Pau, Argalasti 26/06/2013

Summer Building Workshop " Sound Generators"
Place: Pau Conference Center, Argalasti, Pelion- Ag. Ioannis, Pelion
Theme: Design and implementation of structures in 1:1 scale by experimenting with material, structural, energy and mechanical structures and systems' behaviors, in a dialectic relaionship with the elements of the natural environment, the place and the landscape.
Organized by the "Costruction Team" of the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly under the supervision of the Architects-Teaching Staff of the Department: Ms Maria Vrontissi, Ms Sotiria Alexiadou and the Architect-Researcher in D-ARCH, ETH-Zurich: Mr Marcel Aubert
For participating, please contact: omadak@gmail.com (until 30.05.2013)


Volos 26/06/2013

The Liaison Office of the University of Thessaly in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering invite you to the "Presentation of the Race Formula Car" of the student team" Centaur "of the University of Thessaly.
Date: Wednesday, June 26 at 20:00 p.m
Place: Volos Seashore, in front of Papastratou Building.


Volos 9/6/2013

organized by Kostas Magos , Lecturer of the Department of Early Childhood Education
Date: Sunday, 9th of June 2013, from 10.00 to 14.00
Place: Argonaftes Park



Larissa 8/6/2013

Place: Auditorium of the French Institute of Larissa (Kouma Str. 28, Larissa)
Date: Saturday, 8.06.2013 at 8.00 p.m.
Lecturers: Prof. Dimitrios Kouretas, Vice Rector of Public and International Relations, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mr Georgios Giannousis, Psychotherapist, Family Therapist and Addictions Counselor.
Organized by the Uninersity of Thessaly, the French Institute of Larissa and the Bookstore " Anemos".
Open discussion with the audience.



Larissa 7/6/2013

Scientific Conference: "Fundamental Neurosurgical Accesses" organized by the Neurosurgery Clinic of the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly, with the participation of Professor Jan Regelsberger (University of Hamburg Eppendorf) and other distinguished greek scientists in Neurosurgery.
Date: Friday,7th of June, from 09:30 to 14:30
Place: Amphitheater of the University Hospital of Larissa -Viopolis.


Larissa 7-8/6/2013

International Seminar "Colorectal Diseases - Minimally Invasive Surgery Course" organized by the the Surgical Clinic of the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly.
Date: 7-8.06.2013
Place: Amphitheater " Hippocrates" of the Department of Thessaly.


Larissa 7/6/2013

4th Annual Meeting "Hemodynamic monitoring in sepsis" organized by the Clinic of Intensive Care of theUniversity Hospital of Larissa
Date: Friday, June 7 at 17.00-21.00 / Saturday, June 8, at 10.00-14.30.
Place: Medical School University of Thessaly, Viopolis, Small Amphitheater I.


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