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Larissa 6-8/4/2017

It is our great pleasure to invite you to our comprehensive practical workshop of diagnosing and managing patients with intracranial gliomas. Our workshop aims to cover all aspects of gliomas, from their genetic analysis and profiling, to the most advanced surgical resection techniques, the long-term follow-up and support of these patients. An astonishing multi-national faculty, including leading figures in the field of neuro-oncology, assures that the participants will be able to familiarize themselves with all advanced imaging and surgical techniques utilized for the most efficient and safe management of patients with intracranial gliomas. A well-balanced combination of vivid presentations, stimulating debates, highly-didactic video sessions, and practical hands-on approaches will ensure that each participant will be exposed to all diagnostic methodologies, the latest surgical strategies, and the most recent adjuvant treatment protocols. Moreover, the interactive e-poster session will serve as a forum for exchanging bright new ideas regarding basic science, translational and clinical glioma research. The event is hosted in the hospitable city of Larissa, where Hippocrates practiced medicine and spent his last days. Larissa is located in the heart of the Greek mainland, less than an hour from the mythical Mt. Olympus, the unique Meteora monasteries and Pelion, the mountain of Centaurus. It is also conveniently connected to the spectacular islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Larissa in April 2017 and making this an unforgettable experience for you.

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Volos 27/4/2017

The University of Thessaly, in the context of the EU PATHWAYS Project (Grant Agreement: n. 663474), is organizing an International Seminar / Working Group on April 27th, 16.00-18.00, at the Tsalapatas Multimedia Center in Volos, Thessaly, Greece. The topic of the Seminar is the (re)integration of people with chronic diseases and mental health issues in the labour market and the promotion of relevant strategies and policies at a national and a European level.
The International Seminar / Working Group is organized by the scientific coordinator of the Greek Partner (i.e. the University of Thessaly), Professor Vlachou Anastasia (Special Education Department, UTH).
The aim of the Working Group is to identify and discuss the challenges and the barriers that people with chronic diseases encounter during the (re)integration into the labour market as well as to propose strategies/recommendations that contribute to the development of inclusive working environments.
Representatives from 10 European countries, the World Health Organization, the International Labour Organization as well as representatives from national, local, and regional stakeholders from Greece will participate in the Working Group.
PATHWAYS (PArticipation To Healthy Workplaces And inclusive Strategies in the Work Sector) is a 3-year EU Project that contributes to the “Development of innovative approaches to promote the professional (re)integration of people with chronic diseases and improve their employment status”. The increasing rate of chronic diseases and mental health issues as well as the current economic crisis intensify the challenges related to employment (re)integration of people with chronic diseases and mental health issues. These challenges require call for action, at a national and a European level, in order to develop innovative strategies that promote a more inclusive labour market.



Volos 3/5/2017

A topic related to Blue Energy and Blue Growth: Hydrodynamics and near-trapping effects in arrays of multiple elliptical cylinders in waves (Prof. Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou)



Volos 4/5/2017

The University of Cincinnati archaeological excavations at the Palace of Nestor, Pylos resumed on May 18, 2015for the first time since 1969. During the course of the campaign, the so-called grave of the "Griffin Warrior" was discovered a few hundred meters from the Palace. This presentation will describe the excavation of this remarkable grave and discuss in detail the four gold rings found therein. The discovery of four gold rings in association with the male individual was unexpected and unprecedented. The iconography of these rings is extraordinary and of great significance for the study of Minoan and Mycenaean ideology in the early Late Bronze Age.This unique, undisturbed burial affords an unparalleled opportunity to examine aspects of Early Mycenaean funerary ritual, gender association with grave goods, and burial structure that cannot be obtained through more standard multi-individual burial contexts.


Larissa 5/5/2017

The Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Laboratory of Biochemistry of the Medical School, and the Laboratory of Structural and Functional Biochemistry of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly are organizing the workshop “Biochemistry and health: from cell to therapy” at the Hippocrates amphitheater in Biopolis Larissa, on Friday 5th of May 2017 (9:00 - 19:30). The workshop will present cutting-edge topics in the fields of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with emphasis on their therapeutic significance.

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Volos 17/2/2017

It is a great pleasure and honor to inform you that from February 17th to February 19th the conference “Neurology Days 2017"will be held in Volos, for the 7th consecutive year.
It will be a multidisciplinary conference focusing on: (1) controversial issues in Neurology and (2) recent advances in Neurology during 2016. The opening session will be held on Friday, February 17, at 12:00 pm, in Domotel Xenia Volos, with an educational seminar on Neurogenetics and an educational seminar on strokes. The conference’s opening ceremony will be held on Friday, February 17 2017, at 19:00, at the same place, during which the University and the city’s authorities will extend their welcome. Moreover, during the opening ceremony, two lectures will also take place: (1) "Genetic treatment of motor neuron diseases: new exciting data", by S. Corti, Professor of Neurology, University of Milano and (2) "Walking in the dark: death, child and fairy tale” by Mr. Eugene Trivizas, Criminologist-writer.
During the conference, various lectures and roundtables, by distinguished speakers, on neurological diseases such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular, headaches, Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc. will also take place.
The conference was evaluated by the National Medical Association with 17 Continuing Medical Education points. For doctors enrolled in the local medical associations participation will be FREE.

Georgios Hadjigeorgiou, M.D.
Professor of Neurology


Volos 1/3/2017

This lecture has three main objectives:

(1) To discuss basic ideas, limitations and physical laws involved in modeling complex offshore structures as single freedom degree systems
(2) To quantify the important environmental forces, except for wave action, that occur offshore and show how these forces interact with structures and
(3) To illustrate the modeling of structural mass, stiffness and structural restraint forces of guy wires and soil foundations.

Emphasis will be given on the 1st step in dynamic engineering analysis, i.e on the formulation of the structural equations of motion, while wave actions as well as solutions for structural motions, both deterministic and stochastic, are considered known or at least easily approachable.


Volos 8/3/2017

On Wednesday, March 8th, at 6 pm, at the Amphitheatre of the Department of Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly, an interdisciplinary workshop will take place on the subject of "Forest Maps, Problems and Prospects". The aim of the interdisciplinary workshop is to inform scientists, involved in Forest Maps (engineers, foresters, agronomists, lawyers, notaries), and to provide them with the opportunity to discuss problems and to pose their questions, so that they can work together in an optimal way for the owners’ benefit. The workshop was organized by the Forestry Department of Magnesia, the Department of Planning and Regional Development - University of Thessaly, the Technical Chamber of Magnesia, the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece - branch of Central Greece, the Bar Association of Volos, the Notarial Association of the Court of Appeal of Larissa, the Agricultural Association of Magnesia, and the Association of Agronomists- Landscape Engineers of Magnesia. The period of opposition has already started on 28.02.2017 and ends on 28.04.2017. Thus, during this period citizens should be served immediately and without problems.


Volos 8/3/2017

The Postgraduate Studies Programme “Science of education: Special Education" and the Laboratory of Learning, Speech and Communication Impairments of the Department of Special Education of the University of Thessaly, in collaboration with the field of Neuropsychology of the Hellenic Psychological Society, co-organise the “Neurosciences, Education and Special Education” conference, which will be held on Wednesday March 8 2017, at 16:00, in the Kordatos amphitheatre, at the University of Thessaly, in Volos.

The scope of the conference is the recent findings in the field of neurosciences, which can be applied in various fields of education and special education in particular. Distinguished speakers from five institutions of Higher Education will take part in the conference, explicating subjects concerning the existing reality in the field of education in general, and in the field of special education specifically. All proposals during the first part of the conference aim to showcase ways in which neuroscientific research can shed light on how to gain a better understanding of the significantly complex processes that support the learning development and answer all questions related to the repercussions of brain research in everyday life and education. During the second part of the conference, all speeches aim to present ways in which knowledge resulting from the field of neuroscience has contributed to the well-rounded comprehension of the causes of developmental disorders, to better depict the characteristics of these people, and to pave the way for the early detection, accurate diagnosis, and early educational intervention for students with special educational needs.


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