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Workshop on the Presentation and Discussion of the Results of the Epidemiological Study of Mortality and Morbidity in the Prefecture of Magnesia

The University of Thessaly, the Region of Thessaly, the Medical Association of Magnesia and the General Hospital of Volos organize a Workshop on the presentation and discussion of the results of the epidemiological study of mortality and morbidity in the Prefecture of Magnesia. This workshop aims to inform health professionals and citizens of Magnesia about epidemiology and prevention of the most important health problems faced by the local residents.
The Workshop will take place on  February 6, 2019, in Volos ("Kordatos" auditorium, Papastratos Building Complex) from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.


Professor Charalampos Dr.-Ing. Baniotopoulos, Prof hc
Chair of Sustainable Energy Systems
School of Engineering - University of Birmingham – UK

Wednesday 13-02-2019, at 12:15
Room A2, Department of Civil Engineering

During the lecture, some important engineering issues relating to the design of steel wind turbine towers will be presented, as well as open research topics that are challenging for researchers focusing their research efforts on wind energy systems.


Twelve Roma folk tales

On Saturday 23/02/2019  (at 17.30), in the main building of the University of Thessaly (“Kordatos” auditorium), a puppet show in combination with folk tale narrations will take place. The event is organized by the University of Thessaly and the Roma Center in the region of Aliveri in Volos, prompted by the publication of the book “Twelve Roma folk tales”, which was published last month by the University of Thessaly. In the puppet show Roma children enact the heroes of one of the folk tales, while their grandparents will narrate Roma folk tales in Greek and Romani.


"Honoring Your King"

On Saturday March 2, at 6 pm, in the Saratsi Amphitheater, the Center for Applied Psychological Research & Psycho-pedagogical Counseling of the University of Thessaly hosts a screening of the short film "Honoring Your King", which also constitutes the official participation of the 3rd General High School of Volos to the 9th International Student short film contest.
The script and the direction of the film are by the student of the second class of high school, Giannis Lafis.


Religion in ancient Greece and Asia Minor. Perspectives of the 19th century

• Lecture by Michalis Konaris on "Religion in ancient Greece and Asia Minor through the 19th century scope"
• 27/02/2019 at 18:00
• Multimedia room
Michalis Konaris is a researcher at the Swedish Archaeological Institute and a scholar of the Center for Research on Human Sciences.


The Wheel and Its New Discovery in Entrepreneurship

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, a lecture will take place in the framework of the seminar course of the postgraduate program "New Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development". Mr. Vilaras Christodoulos, from MΩLY the mythic antidote, will give a speech on" The Wheel and Its New Discovery in Entrepreneurship". The seminar will take place at Room B20 (2nd floor) at the Department of Economics (78 28th October Str.), at 19:00 o’clock, and is open to the public.
The aim is prompt reflection regarding change management at different levels: mentality, leadership and experience development, reorganization, pivot change, changing the competitive landscape, transforming the business environment, changing the roles of players, and so on. The program of the seminars is organized by the Department of Planning, Regional Development, the Department of Economics and the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Thessaly.


"Across Her Body" directed by Zacharias Mavroeidis

Zacharias Mavroeidis' film "Across her Body" will be presented on Wednesday March 6th at 19:00, in the Achilleion Municipal Movie Theater. The screening  is part of the "Introduction to Architecture II" course of the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly and an open discussion with the director will follow.

Every year, on July 31, the “fifteeners” return to the abandoned Monastery of the Assumption, on the island of Therasia. For two weeks they pray for the eternal rest of the beloved deceased ones and the health of the living. In between, they gaze at cosmopolitan Santorini across the volcano while recalling the past.

The event is organized with the support of the Directorate of Culture of Volos Municipality.


Workshop of the Postgraduate Studies Programme "Sustainable Policies and Protected Areas" of the Department of Agriculture of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment of the University of Thessaly.

The Postgraduate Studies Programme "Sustainable Management of the Aquatic Environment" organizes a workshop in order to provide training for the acquirement a strong scientific background, experience and the know-how to adopt optimal solutions and applications in new technologies, protection systems and management of the Aquatic Environment. Scientists and Academics from various Institutions and other national government agencies will attend the workshop and numerous speeches will be given to provide the trigger for a constructive exchange of views on contemporary environmental problems and a clear formulation of proposals and policies on how to address them.


Νikos Zaikos, Associate Professor, Univ. of Macedonia, “The Jewish sports movement in National-Socialist Germany. The story of three female athletes”

Lecture by Nikos Zaikos on "The Jewish sports movement in National-Socialist Germany. The story of three female athletes"

Wednesday, December 12th 18:30
Multimedia room of the Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology, 6th floor

The lecture focuses on the presence of the Jews of Germany in the field of sport during the Weimar Republic and the period of National Socialism (1933-1945). The analysis focuses in particular on the personal journey of three athletes from Berlin: Martel Jacob, Ruth Caro and Ingeborg Mello.

Nikos Zaikos is the Associate Professor of International Law at the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies of the University of Macedonia. His research focuses on the history and theory of international law, genocide, politics and the history of sport.


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